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SDL Trados Studio 2019

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Technical Translations English, French, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian

Since 1995, our translation agency has been providing professional technical translations into all European languages such as French, English, Spanish as well as many Asian languages. For many years, the focus was on technical translations into Russian, but from 24.02.2022 much will change in the work of our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have their activities in Russia. Many of them have ceased their activities there. But we translate into other languages of the world just as well as into Russian, our regular customers know that! We have been providing them with multilingual translation projects for years.
As of March 2022, we are very busy with translations into Ukrainian concerning the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Germany, such as leaflets and brochures from various German cities and authorities (no certificates).

We have been translating from German and English into these languages since 2001:

Target language   Word price, from €
► Arabic   0.14
► Azerbaijani   0.15
► Chinese   0.13
► English   0.12
► Estonian   0.13
► Finnish   0.13
 French   0.11
► Greek   0.14
► German   0.12
► Italian   0.11
► Japanese   0.15
► Kazakh   0.14
► Korean   0.17
► Croatian   0.11
► Latvian   0.12
► Lithuanian   0.12
► Dutch   0.13
► Polish   0.11
► Portuguese   0.12
► Romanian   0.11
► Russian   0.09
► Spanish   0.12
► Czech   0.11
► Turkish   0.13
► Ukrainian   0.11
► Hungarian   0.12






Full price list shows other language combinations. Is your target language not there? Just ask us.

All our customers, large corporations, medium-sized companies, engineering firms, publishing houses or large and small translation agencies from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, China and the USA appreciate our ability to deliver any translation quickly and reliably in the best quality and in any format imaginable.

Here are examples of translation projects from the last year (German part of the site)

Our translators are able to handle projects of any size, operating manuals, handbooks, operating instructions of any subject matter, whether mechanical engineering or chemical, and at the same time translate many small documents on the same day, as our capacity is sufficient for each job.

The keys to success:

Each translation is proofread internally by a proofreader at no extra charge
übersetzungen russisch   26 years of experience, only certified technical translators in use
preise   Our prices for translations into Russian have been stable and low for years.
formate   All formats (MS Office, AutoCAD, Framemaker, InDesign, XML...)
referenzen   Excellent references for Russian translations 
projektmanager   Experienced project managers are your contacts for all questions
trados   CAT tools: SDL Trados Studio 2019 and 2021, Across 7.0, memoQ
angebote   Always short response times for quotations, additions and changes
qualitaet   High quality standards that exceed existing quality norms
qualitaet   Medical translations are carried out by doctors
qualitaet   Skilled translation of YouTube videos of technical trainings
qualitaet   Professional and precise translation of control software
qualitaet   Translation and localisation of online shops

The most important things from 2022:

- The subject matter became more complicated: medicine, medical technology and online trade
- 96% of all enquiries from new customers became orders
- Complaints: not a single one
- New customers from Germany, Austria, China and Switzerland

The boss, Mr. Alexandre Nefedov, remains an official partner of the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction.

Which projects we will continue to support through our translations in 2023

- The cooperation with the world-famous Tencent company from China continues
- Restoration of the residence of the German ambassador in Moscow
- New projects in Kazakhstan with translations into Kazakh
- Construction of cable cars in Moscow and other Russian cities
- Mining projects in Russia and Tajikistan
- Further projects for pharmaceuticals and medical technology
- Proofreading of machine translations to be further optimised by us
- Further translations of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations

Technical translators from Rusdoc: what sets us apart

Linguistic, technical and commercial competence as well as extensive experience in translating technical documentation into Russian in the language directions English - German, English - Chinese, English - Spain, English -  Polish, CAT tools, especially SDL Trados, confident handling of Adobe Framemaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, AutoCAD, Apple Keynote as well as other less common programmes. TEP procedures and MTPE for your translations are also offered.

Professional translations German - English, German - French, German - Chinese and other language combinations are also becoming our increasingly requested language pairs, which once again proves our role as a technical translation agency.

By placing an order you accept our terms and conditions. Order your translation online and it will arrive on time at your desired date.

Rusdoc® has been a registered trademark since 2010, valid for Europe. 

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