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Translation of online shops

Translation of online shops is at the same time one of all the specialist areas translated by Rusdoc. Among the content we translate are pumps and cosmetics, compressors and light switches, rechargeable batteries and writing accessories. This is a little more than website translation, it's more like localisation.

We translate the names of the articles, their descriptions and other information that belongs to an online shop, such as the general terms and conditions, for operators of online shops. Translating your online shop into Russian is easy and worthwhile. We know exactly how to do it and do everything to ensure that your online business succeeds. Russian customers rely on e-commerce, but expect to be addressed properly, including through professional translation of all information.

Professional translation is important for sales

Many Russian customers are familiar with this problem: when ordering goods on a foreign website, there are three options:

- Translation of the necessary information by a professional translator who is a native Russian speaker
- Translation by an automatic free translator
- No Russian translation, the content is only in English 

What does a potential customer do who only speaks Russian (in Russia, most of the country's inhabitants do)? In the first case he feels like a welcome guest and likes to buy, in the second case he tries to understand details by often funny description in order not to buy anything wrong, in the third case he looks for the needed goods at other sellers.

Of course, we try to make clear how important a good translation is for good trade. And don't forget: in many countries of the world (Germany, Israel, Greece, the USA) there are also many Russian speakers who do not necessarily already speak the language of the country and still have to rely on their native Russian.

Special features for editing

From our experience, the most precise possible wording, the length of the description and the adaptation to linguistic peculiarities are all important. Our translators know these details perfectly and think about them during the translation. For example, they think about where and how to abbreviate the text so that the description does not suffer. And the adaptation to local or linguistic peculiarities is sometimes no less important than the accuracy of the translation.

Tools for translation

Very often we get the prefabricated Excel spreadsheets from our clients, the translation of such documents is the easiest task for any translator. Our translators adjust to the length of the texts, if necessary, and are happy to check the final result online, as this is the only way to be sure that the translated text will appear correctly on the screen for the potential client. We can also manage translations in any other format such as XML without any problems, as we professionally handle all modern formats.

As with translations of other documents, we use CAT tools such as SDL Trados, Across or memoQ. In doing so, the consistency of the translation is maintained, which is enormously important for online shops.

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