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--- Software localisation Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian
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Software localisation Chinese, Spanish, French and more

Thanks to our specialisation in technical translations, we often receive orders for software translations (or software localisation as it is called in technical jargon) of machinery and equipment. It has long been common practice for the operation of machines to be carried out in the respective national language. Russian, like other languages, is one of them, despite the Cyrillic alphabet. In most cases we translate both the technical documentation and the software itself. This is an ideal case for us, translators. In this way, we can translate the software in context so that it is completely in line with the documentation. It is a little more complicated when the software and the documentation are handled by two different translators. But even in such cases, we use all our experience and ensure the consistency of the technical terms.

We translate industrial software into Chinese, Russian, Spanish and other languages

Our great experience as software translators into Russian allows us to save a lot of time and sometimes trouble for the customer for the adaptation of the industrial software, because we already think along during the translation. We know everything in advance about the size of the control fields, length of the menus and how to abbreviate the Russian translation correctly and sensibly if necessary without compromising the quality of the information presented. Our translators from German and English are familiar with the control software of leading suppliers such as Siemens (Simatic and Sinumeric). These systems are used particularly often by our customers.

Software localisation of machines and systems

Even more important in software localisation is that the translation of the user interface is the same as the translation of the elements in the accompanying operating instructions. In these cases, it is often necessary to constantly exchange information with the customer to ensure that there are no differences in the translation. Especially when the software localisation and the translation of the documentation run in parallel. We always find it good to be able to communicate directly with the customer's programmer; this makes the work easier for all of us and makes it easier for the customer to operate the machine.

PC software localisation

PC software localisation is also no stranger to us. Our highly qualified translators with the appropriate experience will make your PC applications look good even in Russian. The boss himself localised the first versions of Norton and Intel while still working as a translator. Later, our translation agency translated lesser-known PC programmes more for professionals such as engineers or architects for the Russian market.

We translate your software with special tools, e.g. Passolo or Alchemy Catalyst, and CAT tools such as SDL Trados, Across and memoQ. If you send us your software for editing, we use it safely; all translators are advanced PC users. Sometimes, however, we simply need to translate the software in a prepared form in an Excel spreadsheet. That is the easiest task.

Help localisation

We have just as much experience through our work of several years in the translation of online help. For this we use software such as DocToHelp or other tools, often provided by our clients themselves. In this case, too, we use CAT tools such as Trados and Across for reliable and quality translations.

We test your software on both Russian and English versions of Windows because they are the most widely used operating systems in Russia.

Translation of iOS apps and Android apps Russian

It goes without saying that we are able to translate bsw. localise the software for any field of our life, and not only in the technical field. We localise your iOS apps and Android apps in the Russian language on all topics such as health, fitness, nutrition, education, foreign languages, travel, housing, internet shops and, of course, games of any kind. Testing of the localised software is also possible, we have all the appropriate gadgets for this: iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and Android tablets.

Our biggest localisation projects

The biggest projects are logically translations for industry, with several thousand entries to be translated per job. These are software localisation projects for manufacturers of woodworking machines and energy systems such as Siempelkamp and Büttner, localisation of extruders and milling machines, coffee machines and building systems technology. 

In the last months year we have localised:

- Communication software VooV Meeting English-Russian
- Intensive Care Ventilators German-Russian
- Packaging system English-Russian
- Control systems English-Portuguese
- Control systems English-French
- Control systems for extrusion lines English-Russian
- Food processor German-Russian
- Indexable insert grinding machines English-Russian
- Machining centres German-Russian
- Machining centres German-Chinese
- Centreless grinding machines English-Russian
- Grinding Machine English-Russian
- Packaging machine English-Spanish
- centreless sanding machines English-Russian
- MDF plants German-Russian
- OSB plants German-Russian
- MDF plants German-Lithuanian
- OSB plants German-Lithuanian
- Sanding machine English-Ukrainian
- Short-cycle press lines German-Russian
- Clamping plate plants English-Russian
- Control systems English-Russian
- Mechatronic Systems English-Russian

Localisation of software into other languages such as French, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian and more is handled by our partner translation agency Alexxtec. The subject matter is similar: localisation of software for machines and systems as well as apps of all kinds for mobile iOS and Android devices.
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