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SDL Trados Studio 2019

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Translation into all languages
Now it's official: from 04.04.2022, translations in all language combinations will be handled by the Rusdoc translation agency. In the past, this was done by our subsidiary.
Today, we use the expertise of our boss, management and regular translators to deliver technical translations of perfect quality to the whole world. >>>

Trados 2021 as the standard tool
Our translation agency has been using the latest version of the well-known and popular CAT tool SDL Trados 2021 since September 2020.
It gives users a number of new features. Our office is one of the first to try this out.
The most important innovation is Trados Live. The Studio desktop application is now not only available for the PC, but also as a cloud-based addition to Trados Studio, which enables seamless switching between PC, smartphone and tablet. >>>

SDL Trados 2019 from now
We use SDL Trados 2019 from now in all offices. We use the newest version of SDL Trados - now 2019 Professional in all our offices. These version has many advantages, for example the possibility to work in groups on projects.
Every russian, german or english translator in our company has the software on his computer from now.
SDL Trados 2019 is the complete translation environment for language professionals who want to edit, review and manage translation projects as well as corporate terminology. >>>

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