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Subject areas of technical translations

Remarkable: with almost all translation agencies and freelancers, technical translations cost approx. 50 to 70% more than "normal" translations. You have to accept this, because a "normal" translator does not learn technology at university. He can only gain his knowledge through additional studies or many years of practice.

With us, technical translations have been our daily work for many years, and as a result we offer not only normal, non-increased prices, but our enormous experience. It is because we have selected and trained selected technical translators for several years to form a unique team.

Specialisation of our technical translators

We are in favour of strict specialisation. Even though every translator in our office has a good technical knowledge, we also subdivide further according to the specialists who are particularly well versed in mechanical engineering or chemistry or automotive engineering. This is the only way to ensure that the customer receives absolutely professional translations. 
How can one acquire such a specialisation? Only by working on a large number of projects on a particular subject, and that for years. The fact that our clients are large companies with many orders means that similar translations occur time and again.

Main areas of translation

Here we briefly describe the main areas in which we specialise in translating technical documentation into and from Russian and in which our experience is particularly great:

· Mechanical engineering
· Plant engineering
· Architecture
· Automation engineering
· Automotive engineering
· Biology
· Chemistry
· Civil Engineering
· Construction projects
· Cooling technology
· Environmental technology
· Fire Protection Engineering
· Geology
· Heating Technology
· Hydraulics 
· Mining
· Mining Technology
· Metallurgy
· Metalworking
· Motor vehicle accessories
· Medical technology
· Nanotechnologies
· PC software
· PC hardware
· Plastics technology
· Pneumatics
· Presses
· Solar technology
· Water treatment technology
· Woodworking technology

and much more.

Reference projects Russian translations

We can provide you with our reference projects for each of these and other specialist areas, or you can search for them yourself in our list of completed projects. On request, we can provide you with the names of contact persons at our customers so that they can assess us neutrally.

Language pairs

Specialist translations in the above-mentioned subject areas apply equally to our most important language combinations: German-Russian and English-Russian. We also offer translations in these language pairs Russian-German and Russian-English by experienced German and English native speakers in the usual high quality. Translations in other language pairs are offered by our colleagues, we can gladly organise such translations for you.

Do we really know all the mentioned fields of technical translations into Russian, you may ask? Yes, and even more. Here are only the most important ones. You can get more information from the list of completed projects of the last years.

As we have a wide choice among our professionals who are well versed in all these fields, we don't need time to study the subjects in case of new orders whether from existing or new clients. Our expert translators are always ready to translate in any field of technology.
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