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April 2022: Translation for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
In April 2022, translations return to Russian for projects in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Our translation agency is translating several operating manuals for various pumps, extruders and compressors.
We and our experts think that both countries have much more potential than German companies have seen and used so far. More than 200 companies from Germany are represented in Kazakhstan, and investments in Uzbekistan are also continuously increasing.
Our translation agency supports German and Austrian companies that want to be active in these Asian countries by translating their documentation into the official languages as well as into Russian. Why Russian and not Kazakh or Uzbek? Quite simple. >>>

October 2021: Translations medicine and pharmacy
Unexpectedly, even for us, we executed more orders at the end of October than in any of the last years. We are happy about that, but we are already setting new goals ahead of us.
The decisive factor was the fact that for several years now we have been significantly more involved in translations relating to medicine. Medical translations into and from Russian and German, as well as translations for the pharmaceutical industry, increased significantly. Medical technology has always been specialisation of Rusdoc. >>>

Juni 2020: Website Together against Corona now in Russian
We are continuing to work on the translation of the Corona website into Russian on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Health.
The website Together against Corona can now be read in Russian. Irrespective of this, the number of medical translations into and from Russian in our translation agency has increased significantly.
Even if the risk of infection is slowly waning, many people still have some questions unanswered. Also for Russian speakers who live in Germany. >>>

April 2020: Production in Russia and Belarus
In the first two weeks, translations on the subjects of medicine and pharmaceuticals predominate in our office. Sure, it's mainly about the corona virus.
Among other things, we translate a large website for the Federal Ministry of Health. When it's done, you'll see a link. >>>

March 2019: Belarus and Western European companies
Further major projects in Minsk, Homel (Gomel), Brest and other cities show the growing interest of the European economy as a whole and of German and Austrian companies, especially in joint projects with the Republic of Belarus.
The very favorable location of the country between Russia and Western Europe makes it very interesting for many companies that relocate their production there and build their plants there. >>>

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