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SDL Trados Studio 2019

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March 2019 - our projects

Further major projects in Minsk, Homel (Gomel), Brest and other cities show the growing interest of the European economy as a whole and of German and Austrian companies, especially in joint projects with the Republic of Belarus. The very favorable location of the country between Russia and Western Europe makes it very interesting for many companies that relocate their production there and build their plants there.

Belarus and Western European companies

According to our information from free sources on the Internet and from our colleagues in Belarus itself, Western European companies get many advantages when making appropriate investments. We'll be reporting more on this soon. Unfortunately, there is not much information in the open sources in English, but we will be happy to advise you.

We translate Russian and Belarusian

Until now, our customers wanted almost all translations for their projects in Belarus in Russian, because Russian is the country's second official language. Another advantage of the Russian language is the fact that Russian is spoken even more than Belarusian.

Visit Belarus without a visa

This is a pleasant surprise for European entrepreneurs: citizens of many countries, including Western European countries, are allowed to visit the Republic of Belarus without a visa. The duration of visits without a visa is 30 days.

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16.09.2020 - Trados 2021 as the standard tool
Our translation agency has been using the latest version of the well-known and popular...

04.06.2018 - Our New Interpreter in Moscow
Our New Interpreter in Moscow, Russia: Lyubov Khizhkina. You may contact her directly...

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Juni 2020 - our projects
We are continuing to work on the translation of the Corona website into Russian on...

April 2020 - our projects
In the first two weeks, translations on the subjects of medicine and pharmaceuticals...

Recent projects...

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