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Mitglied im Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer


SDL Trados Studio 2017

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Technical translations into Russian

Rusdoc is firstly known for its technical translations from German and English into Russian. Our staff comprises a group of thoroughly tested translators and project managers who specifically deal with technical translation only.

Why technical translations

Such strict screening came to be a necessary measure due to the fact that technical translation requires specific knowledge. Apart from perfect command of the language it requires theoretical and practical awareness of the technical equipment which can only be acquired through additional education and practical work.

What we translate

We have specialists in the following fields:

- machine building (all spheres)
- electrotechnics
- computer equipment (hardware and software)
- woodworking
- medical equipment
- electronics
- automobile building


Language pairs

In all the spheres this is true for the German-Russian as well as English-Russian combination of languages and vice versa. For other language pairs ask our manager via email.

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04.06.2018 - Our New Interpreter in Moscow
Our New Interpreter in Moscow, Russia: Lyubov Khizhkina. You may contact her directly...

15.08.2017 - SDL Trados 2017 from now
We use SDL Trados 2017 from now in all offices. We use the newest version of SDL...

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July 2018 - English projects
More projects from our german customers. We have much more projects in this month...

Mai 2018 - English projects
Jobs translators Russian - English and German - English. We ale looking for our next...

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