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German-Kazakh and English-Kazakh translations

Technical translations German - Kazakh and English - Kazakh have been part of Rusdoc's offer since 2002. The end customers are companies from Kazakhstan that purchase modern machinery from our direct clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Although some end customers still want technical documentation in Russian, the trend towards Kazakh is strong. We receive most translation orders in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.

We perform translations into Kazakh language from German and English. Rusdoc translates for you:

- Construction plans
- Operating instructions
- Instruction manuals
- User interfaces
- User manuals
- Installation instructions
- Construction sketches
- Marketing texts
- Assembly plans
- Presentations
- Product specific standards
- Product brochures
- Repair instructions
- Safety data sheets

Formats of translation into Kazakh

Our customers appreciate it very much: we translate into Kazakh not only documents in Microsoft Word or Excel, but in all special formats relevant for technical documentation, especially in mechanical engineering:

- AutoCAD
- Adobe Framemaker
- Adobe InDesign
- QuarkXPress
- Adobe Illustrator
- CorelDraw
- Vector formats (eps)
- Bitmap formats (tiff, bmp, jpg)

... etc.

The use of modern CAT tools such as SDL Trados (versions 2021 and 2019), Across 7.0, memoQ is mandatory for every Kazakh translator of our translation agency. These tools save the client not only time, but also real money, in some cases up to 90%. How exactly - we can explain or you can read information about it on the developer's website.

Our capacities are sufficient for any project

We prefer that a translation project be carried out by a translator, regardless of the language. First of all, it is better for the uniform consistency of the terminology used. 

When executing large projects, a project team is formed, which includes translators, a proofreader and a project manager. The task of the proofreader is to keep the terminology consistent, while the project manager takes care of all possible questions and queries between translators and the client.

Recent projects for the Kazakh market

Our recent major projects in Kazakh translations include: 

- Documentation on the construction of industrial solar power plant English - Kazakh - English
- User manuals energy plant German - Kazakh
- Software localization drying plant English - Kazakh
- Maintenance manuals drying plant German - Kazakh
- Operating manuals high pressure compressors German - Kazakh
- Operating manuals water purification systems German - Kazakh
- Instruction manuals pumps German - Kazakh

Legal translations into Kazakh are usually sales contracts and supply agreements that accompany our technical translation projects for Kazakhstan. Thus, we completely cover all translations from one source.

Prices for German-Kazakh and English-Kazakh translations

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