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About Translations Russian

Frequently asked questions about translations Russian. Here we have collected the answers to most frequently asked questions.

Question: What is the difference between your company and a translation agency, if any?

Answer: An agency is an intermediary between a translator and a customer while we process all out translations independently. The main advantage is high quality of translations as we work only with those languages we know ourselves. Of course we gladly cooperate with translation agencies that trust the quality of our translations into Russian as they do not know this language themselves. Moreover we have special tariffs for such agencies.

Question: Why are there cheaper translators than you?

Answer: Each translator offers his/her market price and different translators have different work experience and qualifications. Our translators (who are only certified specialists) work full-time and are not just looking for extra jobs. Besides as a translation company we offer services that cannot be offered by a freelancer: quality control, actualization and updating terminology, Databases, etc.

Question: What is Trados?

Answer: SDL Trados (this is the name of the software after the purchase of Trados Company by SDL Company) makes it possible to create translation databases, to use already translated materials many times, to provide unanimity of terminology and to standardize large amounts of information. Another result is saving money (for customers).

Question: Do you use machine translation software? For example Prompt or Google Translator.

Answer: The use of machine translation software is strictly prohibited in our company.

Question: Do you deal with technical translations only?

Answer: No, we can translate anything. Our translation bureau has several departments one of which is technical translations department. 

Question: Where is your famous online German-Russian Dictionary of Computer Terms?

Answer: Unfortunately the work at the dictionary has been stopped. As its author (Alexander Nefedov) did not have time for updating the dictionary we deleted it from the server. However we can always offer your translations on computer subjects.

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