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Mitglied im Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer


SDL Trados Studio 2019

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We are Responsible for Translation Quality

Our translations are always top quality. This is achieved through the following combination:

- We have only professional translators and interpreters.
- We use special software to check quality control.
- Our translated texts are reviewed by the editor - with no exception.
- In the particular instances narrowly specialized editors are involved.

No-Claim Result

As a result of maintaining consistently the appropriate quality of translated texts, claims - and even remarks - are reduced to zero in our translation agency.

Checking Steps

As a rule, each translated text is checked in two steps.
Step 1: checks by built-in means of Trados or Errorspy including checks to detect any untranslated text or inconsistent use of terminology.
Step 2: manual proofreading and review of the translated text against the original text by the editor; correction of style and grammar errors.

It is not uncommon that translated texts are checked three times including checks by the editor, responsible project manager and, finally, head of the translation agency. This occurs when the translated text is to be printed or posted on the website.

Certificate of Quality

Our translation agency is certified under DIN EN ISO-Norm 17100:2016-05 (Reg. No. 7U433). This means that the translation process and quality checks comply with strict European standards. The certificate is renewed annually.

It is fair to say that we are always ahead of the curve. Our quality requirements exceed considerably the requirements specified in the stated standards.

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