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Mitglied im Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer


SDL Trados Studio 2019

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Technical documentation translations into Russian

Our translation agency translates your technical documentation into Russian from German and English, as well as from Russian into German or English. We possess a wide experience both in various technical fields and the software used for compiling technical documentation. Our professional russian translators are chosen for their technical knowledge and expertise alongside their translation skills.

Translation of technical documentation is hugely important for the european companies that produce and sell their products in Russia. Due to the complex and highly specific subject matter involved, technical translation is no easy task. For that reason, we have in our team specialist translators only, who use translation tools to assist them with the more technical aspects and to ensure consistency from one translation to the next.

In addition to translation, we also offer a proofreading service in all our translations or in your translation projects.

We translate your technical documentation with

- Adobe Framemaker
- Adobe InDesign
- AutoCAD
- Adobe Illustrator
- CorelDraw
- QuarkXPress etc.

Other programs - on request. We have every program for translating your documentation, even a rare one.

Our capabilities

At the moment we have numerous programs for freelancers and also a network version, which makes it possible for many translators to work on large-scale projects. Thanks to such potential we are able to accept work of any size. And with that, you will never have problems with deadlines.

Special features when translating technical documentation into Russian

In our translation agency, specialist translation of technical documentation into Russian does not simply mean overwriting the document, which is in German or English, with Russian. We strictly follow the rules of the corresponding Russian GOST standard 2.601-2006. There are also important things to consider. For example, decimal separators often have to be adjusted. There are different rules for this in German, English and Russian, e.g .:

German: 150.000,50
English: 150,000.50
Russian: 150 000,50

Translating the text but not adjusting the numbers can lead to serious errors. When using CAT tools, you always have to be careful in such cases, because a wrongly displayed number can automatically be copied over and over and consequently lead to further errors.

Technical documentation Russian and CAT tools

The use of CAT tools is indispensable for translations into Russian: in our office, the most widely used tools are SDL Trados Studio 2019 and 2021, Across and memoQ. With several of our own Trados licenses for freelancers and a network version in the office, we are ideally equipped for large projects. Thanks to our capacities, we can take on projects of any size. And you can rely on our appointments because we are very flexible.

Our customers in Russia

Our customers, European companies, supply leading Russian industrial groups such as Sibur, Uralkali, Severstal, the Novolipetsk Metallurgy Combine, Russian railways and build factories, hospitals and sports facilities. We are happy to use our specialist knowledge to contribute to the development of the good economic relations between Germany and Russia, Austria and Russia, despite all the political and economic crises. Fortunately, the economic interests of all the countries involved predominate.

Rusdoc maps

You can now look at some of the addresses on our map. We are proud that our translation agency translates complete documentation for some projects: from the construction plan to the last sign on every part of the system. We are also pleased that this work has continued uninterrupted over the past few years, despite the difficult times in relations between Russia and Europe.

In recent years, too, new plants have been built in Russia and Belarus unexpectedly quickly, based entirely on our customers' German and Austrian systems. It is primarily about the machines and systems for wood processing, food processing, metallurgy. Belarus is still underestimated as a location by many in Europe, but we have been observing the positive development for years.

Russian norms and standards

We always ensure that the translated technical and other documentation complies with DIN standards as well as current Russian standards such as GOST standards.

Our specialist translations are ready for printing. We guarantee that our Russian technical translations are not only linguistically correct, but are also delivered in the appropriate format.

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