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SDL Trados Studio 2019

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SDL Trados 2019 from now

We use the newest version of SDL Trados - now 2019 Professional in all our offices. These version has many advantages, for example the possibility to work in groups on projects. SDL Trados is the complete translation environment for language professionals who want to edit, review and manage translation projects as well as corporate terminology.

SDL Trados 2019 for all

Every russian, german or english translator in our company has the software on his PC from now. These version has many advantages, for example the possibility to work in groups on projects.

Translation memory technology

The more a translator adds to the TM, the faster can he translate subsequent translations, as the ever-growing database will automatically provide 'matches' found in your TM. In this way you can increase translator productivity by as much as 80% and improve consistency across your content.

SDL Trados in our team

We use this powerful technology since 1997, may be it was the first version or one of the first versions at all. In all these years we could see its development and evolution. Every translation in our agency is made with this program.

Other CAT software

SDL Trados ist our favourite software. If the clients have no preferences, we use it for every translation. But some customers use other software. We must use it too, this is in no way any problem for us. Our translators work with programs like Across and memoQ too.

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16.09.2020 - Trados 2021 as the standard tool
Our translation agency has been using the latest version of the well-known and popular...

04.06.2018 - Our New Interpreter in Moscow
Our New Interpreter in Moscow, Russia: Lyubov Khizhkina. You may contact her directly...

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Juni 2020 - our projects
We are continuing to work on the translation of the Corona website into Russian on...

April 2020 - our projects
In the first two weeks, translations on the subjects of medicine and pharmaceuticals...

Recent projects...

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