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Software localization Russian

Software translation services can often be an extremely complicated task. In many cases, in order to accurately translate your software from English or German into Russian, the person translating your content must be an expert not only in languages and your particular business field, but also fully understand your software/app and how it works. We have such experts in our team.
Translating software and apps isn't as straight as translating standard technical documents. The software must not only be accurately translated word for word, but also carefully localised for the russian market in addition. 

Neither it is a problem for us to localize software. Owing to our translators and programmers your software or internet applications will look wonderful in Russian. We use special utilities to translate software and applications on the basis of the Translation Memory technology, such as SDL Passolo and Across.
Localization is the process of adapting a product, document or website linguistically and culturally for the Russian market. Translation into Russian is just the first step in the software localization process which may also include:
- Adapting graphical elements for the Russian market
- Layout to fit translated text (Russian is always longer)
- Using proper local formats for dates, addresses, and phone numbers (very important!)
- Converting to local requirements (such as currencies and units of measure)
- Addressing Russian local regulations and legal requirements
- Customizing content so that it resonates with the Russian market
- Testing on local Russian operating system

Our Localisation Process

1. Inquiry – You send us your inquiry, if possible with all the files
2. Consultation – We start by understanding your situation
3. Deliver our Proposal – We customise a plan of action to what best suits your order
4. Localise – We will localise your material and test within your target country and market (Russia)

On-Going Support – You will get a manager who will know you and your every need

We translate Help files too

We also have a considerable experience in translating built-in Help files, using programs Robohelp or DocToHelp and special utilities to translate software and applications on the basis of the Translation Memory technology like SDL Passolo and Across. We often translate the files with the text documents prepared by our customers or with Excel and RTF files. Such work is done in close collaboration with our Moscow bureau.

Microsoft and Apple terminology

While translating standard Windows-based applications, we are strictly guided by the official Russian Microsoft terminology. By the customer's request, all translations are tested on the computers where the Russian version of Windows is installed.

But be sure that our translators are familiar naturally with the terminology of other operating systems (Mac, Linux, Android in the case of mobile phones or other gadgets).

This phrase "Think Global, Act Local" is one that is familiar to most businesses in the world.
Many global companies rely on localisation services to correctly adjust their products to suit local needs with the best cultural adaptation, in this case for the russian market.
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