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SDL Trados Studio 2019

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Trados 2021 as the standard tool

Since September 2021, translation agency Rusdoc has been using the latest version of the well-known and popular CAT tool SDL Trados 2021, which gives users a number of new features. Our office is among the first to try them out. Rusdoc's founder has been working with Trados since its first version and later convinced his translators that technical translations would not be possible in the future without this programme. And he was right.

The most important innovation is Trados Live

The Studio desktop application is now available not only for the PC, but also as a cloud-based addition to Trados Studio, allowing seamless switching between PC, smartphone and tablet. This is an option that many project managers and translators have missed. Now it makes our work even more flexible. That's how it sounds officially, but we have to try it out in our daily work to see if such an innovation is worthwhile. In any case, it seems to be interesting.

If necessary, we can now switch our work to the cloud to manage projects on any device, e.g. a tablet - either via SDL Trados Live or the new mobile app to SDL Trados Live. The dynamic combination and flexibility that Studio 2021 and SDL Trados Live provide can benefit everyone in our office, from translators to project managers. 

Flexible working options save time while maintaining translation quality. 

We now manage our translation projects in the Studio 2021 desktop application while we are in the office. And we keep control of projects even when on the move: on any device, e.g. a tablet - either via SDL Trados Live or the new mobile app to SDL Trados Live.

An annual subscription is also new

This doesn't affect our translation agency because we only ever have perpetual licences, but it could be interesting for some translators and translation agencies. If you buy an annual subscription for Studio 2021, the initial costs are often lower than the costs for a perpetual licence. However, with an annual subscription, you do not take full ownership of the software and access is only granted for the duration of your subscription. 

Whether we would renew this subscription depends on how useful this cloud-based addition is to our work.

Other CAT tools

As an aside, other CAT tools remain in active use with us. It is the older 2019 version of SDL Trados, as well as Across 7 and memoQ. Virtually every translation from English or German into Russian in our office is done with one of these tools.

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