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Our New Interpreter in Moscow

Our new interpreter in Moscow, Russia: Lyubov Khizhkina.

You may contact her directly via email or mobile phone, for example via WatsApp or via our contacts on the contact page.

Our interpreters in Russia and Belarus

We started out as a pure translation agency, so only for written translations and for many years the subject of interpreting was not a topical issue for us. For a long time, our interpreting assignments were limited to working with our regular customers, for whom we were already involved in translating their documents. We accompanied them as interpreters on visits to trade fairs or negotiations with business partners in Russia and Belarus.

From 2018 we will be offering our interpreting services in full, limited purely geographically to the major cities in Russia and Belarus, and mostly in the language combination German - Russian - German and English - Russian - English. In Belarus, Belarusian is also offered in addition to Russian.

We are also new to interpreting English - Russian - English in Moscow (Russia), where we have new and young staff who specialize only in interpreting, regardless of English - Russian translators. Our interpreters have already successfully accompanied several customers from Europe at trade fairs.

Interpreter Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg)

We offer you our interpreting service mainly in the Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our interpreters can help you with business trips (be it company visits, training courses or negotiations), trade fair visits or private trips. The activity is not limited to both cities themselves, we also accompany you to the other cities of the Moscow and St. Petersburg regions. Other services such as pick-up from the airport, driving services, booking hotels are also possible. Our experienced interpreters speak German, English and, of course, Russian.

For booking and any other questions about interpreting in Russia, please contact us:

Interpreter Belarus (Minsk and surroundings)

In Belarus (sometimes incorrectly called Belarus) we also offer our interpreters for language combinations German - Russian - German and English - Russian - English. For your information: Russian is the official language in Belarus alongside Belarusian and is even more common, both in everyday life and in business life in the country. Our highly qualified interpreters are available to you, including specialists in many technical fields, which is very useful when visiting companies.

Contact us at

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04.06.2018 - Our New Interpreter in Moscow
Our New Interpreter in Moscow, Russia: Lyubov Khizhkina. You may contact her directly...

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